Way To Happiness success stories – we are Way Too Happy about these! XD

“I have learnt about why not to take drugs and how to behave. I loved being in the group.” Rayna, 31/12/12

“During the ‘Way to Happiness’ course I learnt about loads of topics including being faithful, kind and supportive to the people around us. I feel that this will help some of us as we all have struggled in at least one of the topics we covered. This was helpful in every aspect.” Esther, 31/12/12

“I have learnt to not tell lies becuase they can lead to bad things like smoking, drug, alcohol and Violence. This is also bad for the environment.” Aaron, 31/12/12

“We learnt many things like drugs and how you should live life. We also performed shows about each topic.” Ketechi, 31/12/12
“We learnt a lot which will help us in life and future. We did different games and drama. And we had a lovely teacher called Natalia and I’d love to do it again another time. Thank you.” Asa, 31/12/12

“I learnt about drugs, healthy teeth, happiness and wrong from right” Nage, 31/12/12


From Grove Park Youth Group, Lewisham


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