Princess at the screening of “If Only”

Pic of Princess and another of the cast of If Only. Princess (left) not only did a great job in the film but is a wonderful teacher, mentor, speaker and has introduced 5MARTZ to some of the schools and charities we are now working with. BIG shout out to Princess!!!! We luv u! 😀


74 thoughts on “Princess at the screening of “If Only”

  1. Thank you so much for getting me noticed for all i do. Really appreciate it. I do it all out of love and want to encourage all young people dont give up on positive choices in your life it as help me in my own life. I still believe that better will come and smile with what i have been blessed with so far. I plan to write a book on my life based on being a mother to ex gang member and how her negative choices inspired me to do what i do with young people today. I am very proud to say that my daughter is doing very well with recently gaining two distintions and passing her unit 1 in Health and Social Care.

    • Thank you Viv. To hear that from a man very respected and also apart of encouraging our youth, I thank you to the fullest. I’m very humbled that you respect what I’m trying to do…

  2. Princess is definately someone to look out for in the future! She is very passionate in what she does and hopefully people will be inspired by her. Well done Princes! Keep up the great work. I wish you all the best.

  3. Princess is definately someone to look out for in the future! She is not only inspiring but has a genuine care for helping people with a passion. I wish Princess all the success and luck that she deserves. Well done!

    • Thank you very much Reds. I can’t stress enough how much I want to be a Ambassador for young people,parents and carers. They all need support to create positive roles models…. why I not only support the young but all the people link to the young person….

      Thank again for commenting and showing support.

  4. Your genuine sincerity is infectious to all that come into contact with you. Your diligence and professionalism around all aspects of your work make you a credit to foundation 4 Life and all organisations you grace with your presence. thank you for you have done and all that you continue to do for young people.

    • Denzel thank you very much for your comment. I’m so humbled by what you have said. I thank you so much for allowing me to work in Foundation4life the past year has gone so quick even awarding me Employee of the year was another achievement I never expected to have received. Your company has allowed me to support so many young people and all the third parties linked to them. Like yourself we are trying to support and create the roles of the future. Thank you again Denzel it was your company that supported my passion to work with our young people today.

  5. My name is Bethany and I work as the Project Administrator at Foundation 4 Life. I would just like to comment on what a valued mentor and friend Princess is for us all here at F4L. Her work is great and she is always bringing positivity to every one lucky enough to cross paths with her! Wish you all the best in everything you do Princess. Love from us all at F4L

    • Beth again thank you for your comment. P not only stands for Princess but also Positivity. That is my aim to not only create positive young people but to spread positive vibes to many that I come in contact with. Being it a smile, making someone laugh or just showing I care is very important to me. Beth you have very supportive of my work and always there to help me. So I thank you for that, Beth you really don’t know how much I value you also. Your the best!!

  6. Princess has been integral to the development of our girls’ resilience and self-esteem here at Sarah Bonnell. She’s mentored students for only a short time but has made a real difference to their lives! Absolutely inspirational woman that I continue to learn from. Thanks Princess for being amazing! From all at Sarah Bonnell.

  7. Just like to first of all say how beautiful Princess is as a person, inside and out.
    I have known Princess for 5 years now and she’s been so loving and supporting throughtout the whole time I’ve known her.
    I first met Princess in my local gym (Stones) where we trained together reguarly. 2 years ago she encouraged and inspired me to be the person I am today, Personal Trainer. She had seen my passion and desire for health and fitness and said I should go and do the course. 2 years later I’m here, a successful Personal Trainer and currently running my own fitness bootcamp. I owe it all to Princess for where I am today.
    A true friend and role model. Keep striving for big things and I will follow. X Jordan x

    • Jordon I saw the passion in you from that day we spoke, and all I did was give you the guidance and encouragement you needed. God did the rest…I smile everytime I see you with your clients to myself in how that conversation has brought you too where you are today. I’m very proud of you Jordon. Thanks again for your comment x

  8. Wow Princess is an inspiration! A genuine role model,mentor and talented lady. This woman is going far in the world of acting and as a Mentor to todays youth. This woman is seriously one to watch- the next big thing. One to definitely keep your eyes on. Quality!

    • Thanks Livvy, who would have guess when I had met you at Trinity Baptist Church. That I would be where I am today. God has been working in my life and done amazing things since then. Why I will forever say God is good. Thanks for comment Livvy!!

  9. Princess is a wonderful lady helped me when no one else would brought me from the dark into the light I’m glad to have such a wonderful Inspirational woman there to guide me even though the sessions ended she’s continued to help and guide me with moving van sorted it out helps me with things I’m going through I’m glad to of met such a kind woman I genuinely mean this from my heart. I was with heart and foundation4life x

    • Jenny reading this comment makes me realise how much I love my work. You are and will always be one of my daughters from another mother. God knows how much you all mean to me. I’m glad that the mentoring experience has help you and like you say regardless the Heart Program is over you need my help I will do my utmost too support you. Your mentor 2nd Mum Princess x

    • Hey you

      Thanks for comment, you know regardless your a former student or not I’m here for you. Happy that you have so much respect for me too!!

  10. Princess she’s really nice and helpful person, i love her so much. She used to be my mentor 2 months ago and she helped me. She’s a true friend. Thank you for everything

    • Anna thank you for comment, it means a lot to me and makes me happy that I helped you. Your a sensible young lady and I have positive thoughts of you for the future… continue to make positive choices….
      Love Princess

  11. I’m a learning mentor at Tunmarsh PRU and princess your interaction with the girls made a BIG difference! They found it easy to communicate with you and were able to confide in you, you done an amazing job with them and you NEED to come back!! They’re always talking about you and ask when you’re coming back. Keep up the amazing work and try and come back, you’re missed dearly 😦

    Manny xx

    • What can I say, Manny thanks so much for the comment. I really miss the girls. That last day with them was upsetting not going to lie I was very tearful indeed. I never ever felt so upset for leaving them like I did. God knows how much it hurt me. But I left feeling I did my job the best way it could be done. I still continue to have contact with them and touch base time to time. They all know I’m here for them, but I promise to touch base n surprise them soon. Thanks again for support x

  12. Princess you looked absolutely stunning at the Baftas screening awards and I enjoyed it to the fullest as much as I appreciate the mentoring that you bring to my needs as a young person, the film was good for the youth and I was inspired by watching it, I think your a perfect role model for any young adult or teenager to create an image of themselves in a positive way. J

    • Jemma you really got me emotional. I been mentoring you from 2011 and watched you grow into a beautiful grounded and positive young lady. When I took you under my wing you were 15yrs now 17yrs. You are still continuing to make positive choices. What I respect about you my mentoring with you is voluntary, and you have still continued to take my guidance voluntarily to this date, with no pressure from anyone. Very proud of you Jemma and happy that you love what I’m doing away from mentoring with the film and making right choices. See you Wednesday x

  13. I’m overwhelmed with the comments I have received so far. From my Brother Eaman, my Director Denzel @ Foundation4life. My friends, Viv Ahmun @ Coreplan, staff member @Tunmarsh.

    To all my kids…. it’s you that really has touched me the most. I’m truly bless to have worked with you all. Every single one of you are my kids. And every young person will be added to the list that I work with and need me… I ask you all continue to make positive choices in your lives.

    Thanks again to you all for your comments.

    Princess x

  14. The world is a better place because of people like Princess. She is dedicate to improving the lives of our young people. Keep up the good work my sister. Duncan Williams (Director of Path To Progress Ltd)

    • Many thanks Duncan, from the time we met back in 2010 in think or early 2011 I’ve pray and ask for God to put me in the right places with the right people. I can testify and say he has really put me where I needed to be now. So all I do is continue to leave God to move in my life. Thanks for lovely comment. Princess

  15. Princess has supported me from the begining of my security career, without her I wouldn’t be where I am now. I didn’t realise how respected and recognised she is in the security industry. So supportive as a person n family member, her advise and wise words have been a blessing. I can deffinately see why I she is an amazing mentor, she is an amazing person an I’m proud to say I’m part of her family. I wish more great things for ya.
    Kristian W Hewitt

    • Hi Cuz thanks so much for that comment. It’s not only because your family why I go out of my way to support you. It’s just because you wanted the help and advice. I can’t help anyone that doesn’t want my help. I will always be here whenever you need I only put you on the first step n you are now walking the staircase. El done!! Thanks so your support in commenting too x

  16. Well wot can I add…U played my baby mother part very well u make me didn’t wana die in the film lmaoo..I felt the connection when u was speaking about my character in the film. I think you will get very far in this industry because ur a natural and I mean that Princess. Very good work

    • Thank you, Whinch you done amazing in film also. It’s a shame we never acted in the same scene together.
      Regards the filming yes it is something I would like to explore further
      Thanks again your showing support.

  17. Princess has been mentoring my daughter for quite a while now. My daughter has told me that she enjoys seeing Princess and the mentoring has increased her confidence and self esteem. I have met Princess and have found her friendly and encouraging.

    • Judith

      Many thanks for commenting. Your daughter is my longest mentee. I have watched her grown over the last year. I’m very proud of her for still continuing to seek guidance.
      I see a very bright future for her. I am happy that I have been able to help in some way. To make her feel positive about the future.
      Thanks again for supporting me by commenting.

  18. OMG well done princess so happy 4 u. Hope that u had a fun time and let me just say thank u for everything that u have done 4 me and everyone eles ur a ture star and keep on hleping young people
    Ayhsa xox 🙂 from lammas

    • Hi Aysha

      Thank you for comment. I thank you and all the other young people in taking part in the mentoring program to allow me to have been able to give guidance.

      Hope your basketball and football matches are going well.
      Thanks again.


  19. Princess is a great person! She was mentor for awhile n had to leave but she helped me alot with my problems abd even related to me n didn’t make me feel like another child how has major problems n need social services so i know this movie is going to be wicked! Its going be full of truth n understanding of what really is going on with the youths.

    • Hi Hawa

      Thank you for comment, every child to me is a individual with different things to talk about. Different challenges, and every young person requires and different level of understanding. I’m glad in the short time of mentoring which was out of my control. Due to the ending of program. I’m glad that I was able to help in that short time.
      Remember what I said keep believing!! Don’t ever give up!!

  20. I have had the pleasure of working with pincess when I was hosting for the heart foundation I notice her passion for helping these young kids and her drive to be a good role model because of were she has been to who she is now I wish her all the best and hope she keeps doing what she is doing because someone needs to help these kid with genuine love

    • Thank you Dizzle,
      You hit the nail on the head we do need more people that work with our young people to be genuine, too many are thinking about the money. Why I give my kids a wrap around service that they can get me anytime. After 10pm it has to be emergency. Dizzle I will be doing this as long as God gives me the strength to support the young people. Thanks again for support.

  21. Princess regularly teaches PE to a group of youths in my gym (Stones).

    On one occasion there was an incident involving one of the youths. Unfortunately the police had to be called. Princess was instrumental in resolving the issue whilst remaining firm, level headed and fair to all the youths. She was also a great support to the police and my staff.

    It is clear to see that the group she comes in with, respect her immensely

    Feel I ought to point out that the incident was a ‘one off’, The groups, she brings in to the gym, are always well behaved and have a great time.

    Keep up the amazing work Princess!

    Stones Gym

    • Carmita

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes I have to say my P.E young people know the levels lol. But they are young and like us all make mistakes.

      I’m quite fortunate that as a women working with predominately young boys, they do show me a lot of respect and feel very confident to go anyway with them. And address any issue that may arise.
      Thanks again for allowing my students to use your gym facilities.


  22. I first met princess at the cemetry filming with her grand daughter..She was like the diamond that sparkled,my spirit took to her straight away without words being exchanged.She just gave off that warm presence feeling.I have had the privillage to have had chats via facebook inbox,and second on screen filming with her.She has lots of plans,and i respect her bigtime.I would like to say people cross your path in a lifetime for a reason.Im surely glad to have met a positive person ,who wants and has made a difference xxx

    • Tipper thanks for comment, that’s my aim to support, encourage and create positive role models that can inspire my granddaughter’s generation. It is something I think of a lot now that I’m a Granmother and do not want my granddaughter face with the issues that my daughter was face with and still is……

      Thanks again for support in commenting.

  23. well done princess, your an amazing mentor and role model to the young people you work with and i hope that you get the recognition you deserve. all the best for the future

    • Candice

      Many thanks for the comment. I’m slowly but surely getting there….but won’t stop being that good mentor n role model to as many young people I meet.

  24. Princess is the perfect role model and mentor, for these young adults out here. Her contribution to the community guiding teenagers into to the right path is something she should be recognised for. A good person, reliable and glad that I know her…

    • Thanks P for supporting me. Much appreciate your lovely comment. Like I say too so many people that ask me, my own daughter inspired me to work with these young people today. All I ask is that God continues to keep moving in my life…. to reach theses young people.

  25. Hey princess you look absolutely beautiful!
    And I’m soo proud of you, it was brilliant well done doll!
    Love your daughters from another life Kiyah&Neesha xxxxxx

    • Hey Kiyah n Neesha

      Thanks for comment. Kiyah I’m very proud of you. You have come along way….. I wish you all the best for the future. My very first mentee through Foundation 4life…. x x

  26. I have had da pleasure of getting 2 no princess as she mentored one of my adopted children. She was such a great inspration an went above an beyond her work duty 2 help my daughter. As I’ve got 2 no princess I have lernt she is muli talented an dat shows in her performance in her short film “if only”. I’m so pround an hounered 2 no her. An be apart of her life as she is a caring an hard workin soul. Gd luck princess in all u do. Proud of u an love u loads an gd luck an blessings in all u achieve. Best wishes. Kim mitchell. ( A proud friend) xx

    • Thank you KIm your comment touched me and made me emtional if i’m honest. You and so many people and young people have shown me so much love and support. Words cannot explain, i just continue to pray that God leads me to where he wants me to go. Many thanks Kim x

  27. Well done princess, from since I met you I always said you were an inspiration not only the fantastic impact you have on the youth but also the positivity and support you give to those blessed enough to be around you, you have supported me in ways you do not know so thank you. You are an asset to any company/ young person, you uplift any spirit, are so sincere and genuwine and very hard driven so very well done and keep it up.

    • Hi Jodie

      Thank again for comment. I’m really so blessed to have been given such a sincere loving nature by God. It is him that works through me. I love to support where I can. It is just me I guess. I just do what I do out of love. I’m a people person as you know. But on a hold I do not get any satisfaction from peoples pain. I will pray as you know for the person and hope that at any given time my spirit and words can bring peace and understanding to anyone I meet. Thanks again for comment X

  28. I had first met princess whilst I myself was a teenager through a friend of mines. Through first impression she was a loving caring mother, always warm, accepting, out going personality, sociable and wore a big smile. Over the years as I grew up I had not seen her but always remembered this person and especially with such a unique name wouldn’t b hard for her to spring to mind. A year or two ago I was having a conversation with both my niece and sister in law in regards to my niece being mentored. The name princess came up and I thought how unusual, then my niece made a comment and said aunty u would really get on with her, she reminds me of you and you two look alike. I laughed at this little girl and then said describe her to me! As she did I realised it was the same person. Over the following week I had managed to then meet princess and was intrigued by how motivated, focused and sincere she was as a person. Having sat with her and spoken about things she was involved in such as her training, security work, mentoring, the fact she worked various jobs and long hours as well as being a mum and granmother. I felt complete admiration for her as a grown woman myself. So much so that she had given me inspiration and that shove to apply and train for my SIA license as I continued to study at university. That in itself gained me not only a qualification but oppurtunities I had never thought of as a female door supervisor. I have since had the oppurtunity to not only work with princess but also to see her hard work and progress along the way. It was such a delight to see her get that oppurtunity to do her part in IF ONlY. Which I must say was very accurate in terms of street life today and had touched a few spots for me. Being a mother myself am proud to see cultural and motivational input into our children and community. Can only imagine the pride princess herself feels and her daughter to see the inspirational woman she has for a mother. I pray and hope that the young people of today appreciate the efforts and hardwork these guys have gone through and continue to. In order to set a different message for our young youths of today. On a different note as a mentor to my niece princess has done an excellent job and I have seen massive changes in niece which I am overly proud of. To princess its not just a job. These young people become her children and equally they respect her as a mother. Well done p know you have done urself proud.

  29. I’ve known Princess for years and she has always been the most loving and helpful person I’ve known.. Love her to bits.. Wouldnt change her for anything..

  30. No doubt you have found your passion and calling. This is evident every time you speak about any young person that you have worked with. With purpose comes drive, commitment, dedication and ability to overcome any challenge. Through this example you will bring great changes to those whose lives you touch. This is only the beginning. May you continue to be blessed as you grow and spread your wings, bringing hope and opportunities to the many people who shall be fortunate to have your love and support.

    • Kay thanks again for your comment, winning the Mother Of Year 2011 was the turning point for me. I hope to go from strenght to strenght in changing the mindset of our young people.

  31. A real princess indeed. Great to see you blossom in your labour of love. The young people you work with are enriched by your support and desire to share positivity. I feel blessed to be a part of your life story.

    • Tony again i say thank you, you allowed me to have the opportunity in working with young people 5 years ago. When my own daughter had made a negative choices ending up in the same PRU i still currently work at today. Before i came to work with the young people you were very supportive in helping with my daughter, giving me the feedback and positive guidance in moving her forward without judging her or her mother. I can’t believe i have been with CACFO 5 years on. Time has really gone fast. Back then fitness was my passion and still is but never realised that my career path would be involving young people. But would not change anything. To think out of my daughter’s bad choices it has turned into a positive and all young people are benefitting from my fitness knowlegde and my care for wanting young people to make positive choices in their lives…. like i say to everyone my daughter inspired me to do what i do today.

  32. Princess is an inspirational woman. She puts her all into everything she does and is always willing to help and support the people around her. You are doing great work with young people Princess, keep it up, you’re going far.

    • Many thanks Bianca for your comment, all i do is pray that GOD keeps moving in my life. I want to be a Ambassador for the young people and parents. I want to leave a legacy for my granchild. That God forbid when i go that my granchild will know that granma was about positivity and supporting young people and parents. That she will continue my work.

  33. Keep up the good work. Many have taken their eyes off our young women who need just as much care as our young men. I am certain many mothers who find themselves struggling with children will be inspired, not just by the work you do, but the grace with which you do it.

    • Many thanks Paul for your comment brieftly meeting you when her Excellency High Commissioner Aloun was at CACFO. I’m very happy that you have seen a little of my contribution to our young people but as i’ve been told this is only the beginning..

  34. Thank you so much to all the 33 people so far that have commented, your comments have really touched me and the love you have shown me no amount of words can explain. Thank you all.

  35. I first met Princess through my daughter over 2 years ago. During this time, she has become a good friend who is always willing to lend a hand, especially when it is for the benefit of the younger generation. Princess volunteered to help me run a four week Summer Scheme for more than 70 young people, and what an impact she made on the lives of so many. Princess spent time mentoring and encouraging the young people to engage in positive activities. Above all, she encouraged leadership and individuality through her workshops.
    I would like to thank Princess for all her hard work and dedication as she continues to give of herself to others. God bless you Princess.
    Keep up the good work my sister.

    • Carol thank you thank you and thank you again for commenting.
      It was a pleasure to have done voluntary in your youth centre and even more so work with younger people. Again to see the difference in working with younger people than teenages was another experience and really enjoyed it. If you ever need me again please keep me in mind.

      Thanks for your support over the short time of knowing you, your daughter is a great role model to young people herself. I know she will go from strength to strength in her life choices also.

  36. Princess you have come such a long way in a short time. God has blessed you and is using you to impact lives in a massive way. Next stop Hollywood. MARLOW

    • Marlow thank you for comment. I agree God has surely be moving in my life. The last year has gone so quick it really has. Now doing the filming another string to my bow. Who knows where that will lead too. God only knows. But love the passion and empathy God has given me to support our young people.

      Thanks again Marlow.

  37. princess is a very inspiring woman who has helped me a lot with life and making life decisions you have come such a long way and believe their is still a lot out their for you. she has inspired me to become a mentor later in my life.she wasn’t just a mentor shes now like my second mum.

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