About 5MARTZ

5MARTZ engages with small groups and classes of school kids, young offenders and adults, running courses that teach them how to make positive choices in life, drug awareness and knowledge of Human Rights. We post photos, videos and quotes from students on the courses so we can spread these ideas to others and hope to inspire new educators to become involved in changing the way we see and educate our youth. We are excited and inspired by restoring confidence and individuality to young people so they can make up their own minds about what kind of lives they choose to have and helping them to share these views with their peers to build a better community for everyone.

Each course comes with a complete educator’s pack including an Educator’s guide with full lesson plans, DVD, booklets and posters. They help students become more aware of the world they live in, be educated in the harmful effects of Drugs and gives them the basic tools to survive well at school and in life. We also hold teacher training workshops as well as seminar workshops for parents. Check out some of the work from the students and if you would like further information please get in touch at talkto5martz@live.co.uk 🙂


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